Message from the President


Welcome to Navajo Technical University (NTU)!  I am writing this welcome during a difficult time for the university and the Navajo and Zuni people.  I expect with the release of our next catalog the pandemic we are in the midst of at the moment will have been brought under control, and our Navajo campus at Crownpoint and instructional sites at Chinle, Teec Nos Pos, Kirtland, and on the Zuni Nation will be back to more normal operations.  However, our faculty and e-learning department have transformed many courses to be provided online.

Difficult times are not new the Navajo people.  The Long Walk and return to our ancestral lands where we live today threatened the very existence of a tribe that had existed for thousands of years.  Still, our ancestors found the resiliency in themselves to again see the beauty of Tsoodził (Mount Taylor today) as they came home from imprisonment and start building their lives and our tribal life anew.

NTU is one of the special places in this current time.  It is the largest tribal university in the United States.  It offers graduate programs, baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, and certificates in an extraordinarily broad range of fields, ranging from our engineering and medically related programs to construction technology.  Students can earn a degree in Chemical Engineering in two years and find a job that pays very well.  You can develop the skills to be a creative writer, a filmmaker, or an auto mechanic that understands how to use electronic tools to diagnose and fix automobile and truck problems.  Once things are back to normal you can also participate in state, regional, and national competitions with students from other college and universities and add to the proud tradition of winning that NTU has long had.

This General Catalog will be one of the most important resources for you.  It provides descriptions of courses and programs that will guide you toward earning the certificate or degree you want to earn.  I also urge you to take advantage of advisors, counselors, and faculty available to help you.

There is so much I would like to share with you:  state of the art classroom equipment, our superior online learning tools, our outstanding residential facilities for families and single students, our cafeteria, and a world-class faculty and staff.  All of us at NTU are determined to provide the best programs and learning experience possible.

So, welcome to Navajo Technical University.  This is a place where education is an experience and where endless possibility will help you prepare for a future that is possible if you are willing to work toward your dreams.

President Guy


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