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Environmental Geology (GEOL 1120C)

Term: 2021-2022 Academic Year Summer Session


Abhishek Roy Chowdhury
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This course is a survey of environmental geology with an introduction to problems of pollution, population, human relations to the environment, resource use, geologic hazards and environmental problems. The course covers the major components of the Earth system, i.e. atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, and how they are related. Environmental Geology addresses the mechanisms that drive these Earth processes, how different parts of the Earth are connected, how matter and energy flow through our environment, and how humans fit into the environmental systems. Emphasis is placed on the use of the scientific method and the development of critical thinking skills in understanding environmental issues. Lab is an introduction to geologic materials and processes as applied to the human environment. Included are practical exercises with rocks, minerals, topographic and geologic maps, and water, mineral and energy resources. Hazards associated with natural processes will be evalua