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Research in Child Growth, Dev. & L. (ECED 3105)

Term: 2021-2022 Academic Year Spring Semester


Reynelle J. Lowsayatee
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Tue, 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM (1/18/2022 - 5/13/2022) Location: ZUNI ZUNI 100


This advanced course in child growth, development, and learning builds upon the foundational material covered in the basic course in children growth, development, and learning. An integration of major theories of child development is provided by focusing on contemporary research in all aspects of development, including bio-ecological, social-affective, cognitive-learning, language-cultural, and methodological aspect of research in early childhood development and education. This course focuses on preparing early childhood professional to use empirically-based research to inform their teaching of young children as well as preparing teachers to be researchers in their own classrooms. Offered: Fall, Spring.