Welcome From the President

      Welcome to Navajo Technical University!  We are glad you have chosen to come to our Institution.  Our staff and faculty at  our Crownpoint, New Mexico campus, Chinle and Teec Nos Pos, Arizona instructional sites are eager to help you succeed in your effort to earn a certificate, associate, baccalaureate or a master's degree. Navajo Tech offers a variety of courses, programs and services to meet your individual needs.  Please visit our website and online learning tools at www.navajotech.edu.
Navajo Tech has an open door admissions policy.  Therefor we welcome you with high expectations. I want to point out that we are a Navajo Nation Higher Education Institution. We want all of our Navajo and non-Navajo students to learn about the Navajo heritage and the unique Diné Philosophy by taking language, culture, history and/or government classes. We expect to produce Diné leaders who will uphold the proud traditions of our Nation.
There is so much about Navajo Tech I would like to share with you: state of the art classroom equipment, our understanding residential facilities for families and single students, our cafeteria, and an ever-growing campus with expanding student life programs. The best way to get to know about our university is to experience what it has to offer. Welcome to the place where education is an experience and where we will prepare you for your future.
Elmer Guy , Ph.D.
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